The Following is a list of pages, services and general ideas that I have for inclusion on this website.
The focus is on making this site visually appealing, easy to navigate, informational and most importantly, useful.

Please feel free to drop me a quick line with suggestions on what you might like to see on this site.

This site is a work in progress and always will be. I will be jumping back and forth between the new online store site "Niagara Scuba Direct" and the new Charters site "tangled up in blue". Please be patient.

Coming Soon:

Calendar of events (hopefully interactive)
Dive Sites
Movie Gallery
Mikes repair shop
All forms online
NSC Dive Club
El Gato's liveaboard site "Tangled up in blue"
USCG Captains license classes
Safe Boating Classes
Links page
Class schedule

Please let me know if you think of anything else.